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Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years as a natural solution to many health issues. Now in the 21st century, studies have shown that this traditional medicine is better and safer than many modern treatments. For instance, acupuncture and herbal medicine are considered effective infertility and menstruation treatments.


Chinese medicine can correct many conditions and relieve symptoms. Based on Chinese medical diagnosis, the acupuncturist prescribes herbal formulas which affect and improve the health of your body and mind. When used with acupuncture therapy, it often improves and accelerates the results, such as pain relief and stress reduction. These health issues often prevent people from doing their best at work or in their personal lives. For example, if you suffer from a stiff back because of all those hours at the computer at work, acupuncture can decrease the back pain and improve your mental outlook. With regular visits, we will help you manage your pain and stress.

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