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When are you scheduling your next massage appointment for your aching back? Your back seems to be the base of all your actions, ranging from lifting things to sitting at your desk chair. But is a chiropractor working for you? Yin Yang Acupuncture & Massage might be your answer.


Our therapy is known for its natural pain relief solution. As the muscles rejuvenate through the free flow of energy in your system, you feel more energized and your body becomes refreshed. After a session of acupuncture, you will be introduced to another side of yourself.


It doesn’t involve any invasive technology or harmful chemicals. Acupuncture is recognized by such organizations as the NIH, as an effective, natural and safe therapy. By using the cues on the outside, we can target your pain in the inside. The procedure allows the ache to slowly go away by activating your body's natural ability to heal. The pain relief that you experience can often be magical, relieving the physical agony that medication could not heal.

Woodstock Chinese Med & Acupuncture is the expert. We aim to help you as a whole person, physically and mentally, using the natural approach of acupuncture. When your system functions at 100%, you'll be sure to notice and enjoy the difference.

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